Tips for Goal Setting

As part of our segment on reaching goals with the use of ABA strategies, I wanted to offer some other tips for setting, and completing goals. Over the past few weeks Megan and myself have discussed completing our goals and in our last video we discussed some bumps in the road. This week I wanted to fill you all in on some ways that Megan and I are helping ourselves complete our goals when we’re not checking in with each other as partners for support.

1. Download an application to track your progress.

No matter how small or large the goal is, it is important to learn the many ways you can keep track of your goal. Both Megan and I have found the following applications helpful in visually taking into account each time we have completed our goal for the day, week, or months:

  • Nike offers an apps to track running or for overall exercise goals. I personally have found it helpful to have the days I run listed on the app as an added motivation towards my goal in the future.

  • Habit Builder is an app the Megan found which has helped her keep on track with her goal. It can help better organize your goals with a visual calendar, timer, and graphs to see your progress.

2. Write your goal down.

I have personally found it helpful to write in my agenda each day I want to run and then checking it off when I’ve completed it. There is something about putting pen to paper that solidifies what my goal is and when I have completed it. You may also find it easy to journal your progress in a notebook as another way to track your success and bumps as well- this a learning process.

3. Set a reminder on your phone.

Since writing things down in an agenda or journal may not be your cup of tea, I would suggest setting a reminder in your phone that can pop up the time and days you would like to complete your goals.

If you have other tips or ways that help complete your goals let us know in the comments or send us a message!

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